Pixelhobby Software

The app which allows you to make your own Pixelhobby patterns from your favourite photographs or images is called Pixelhobby Designer. You can find more information about it on the Pixelhobby Netherlands website HERE

And here is a direct link to the app HERE

The app automatically converts your pictures into a Pixelhobby Design. You can then edit the design to your liking by cropping the image, adjusting colours etc. Generally close up portraits work best, and some images will not convert well, while others will look great with a little bit of editing.

Once you are happy with your design you can print your pattern and parts list. When printing your pattern with the app choose the "letter" option as the paper size (not A4) and scale the pattern to 100% or do not scale the pattern (do not adjust to page) so the baseplates fit correctly. You may want to print just one page first to check and make sure the baseplates design rectangles are 4 inches x 5 inches.The parts list contains a listing of the pixels and baseplates required to complete the design. You can then either go to our Pixelhobby Supplies page and order your baseplates and pixels online or scan your parts list or take a clear photo of it and email it to us along with your postal address and we will email you back with a quote on the cost of supplies and shipping. Our email address is

PixelHobby Designer Lite is the old software program created by Hobbyware, Inc. It is no longer being distributed, however if you still use this program you can of course print your parts list, scan it and email it to us for a quote for your supplies as well. Please note when printing your own designs from this software you will need to set the printer paper size at letter (8.5in x 11in) instead of A4 as the software was designed in the US and the baseplates will only fit on the design rectangles when printed at letter size. We also recommend selecting 4 plates per page when printing for larger designs to save you paper and printing costs.The 4 baseplate printing option is only available in this software, it only prints 2 basplates per page with the app.